Wiley X CAPTIVATE: New Polarised Lens Technology

Wiley X has just launched a new patented lens technology for its products - Captivate.

Wiley X CaptivateTM lenses are designed to achieve enhanced colour, greater clarity, increased contrast, and better depth perception. The human eye cannot see the entire light spectrum clearly because it is unable to distinguish where certain colours merge. Captivate lenses filter out light that confuses the eye.

Our eyes can easily distinguish the blue, green, and red wavelengths along the visible-light spectrum. However, it’s where the blue, green, and red wavelengths merge that the human eye has a difficult time seeing clearly. Captivate lenses filter out that confusing light. That’s how the lenses deliver increased contrast and greater clarity.

Another benefit of this new technology is better depth perception. It does this by eliminating the blue light haze, while separating and enhancing colours in the visual spectrum.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors knows the danger of over-exposure to UV and HEV rays. Captivate can help reduce the risk of long-term eye damage because the lens is designed to block the transmission of those rays.

Wiley X offer Captivate in eight colours. Consistent with their high standards in eye protection, Wiley X has specified these lenses to exact safety standards, and will come fitted in the protective frames for which Wiley X are well known.

Keep watch for this new technology arriving in store soon!